Gonzaga Church

Tecton has finished the interventions of the parish complex restoration of the Church of St. Benedict the Abbot, founded by Matilde of Canossa, lasted two years, so it was reopened to the public, the Church and all the other rooms of its relevance, seriously damaged by the quake.


The restoration concerned the structural reinforcement of all the walls and supporting structures of the complex, in particular the perimeter walls of the nave, the vaults and the ceilings, facade, shell, and the upper part of the tower, by implementing technical solutions and methods intervention compatible with existing structures and low visual impact.


In the course of operations on the exterior elevations, they have been removed the layers of plaster and recent repainting, recovering the sixteenth plaster characterized by a faux brick painted finish. Inside the church, in addition to the works of repair and consolidation of the post-earthquake cracks, it ran a careful restoration work. Parallel to these works were done from scratch electrical systems and underfloor heating, built in brick nutty, distinctive medium-Po environment. The restoration has allowed to rediscover and highlight unusual decorations: the descialbo tinteggi of the modern era has brought to light the nineteenth finish that characterizes the three naves. At the chapels of the aisles we were rediscovered the decorations dating back to centuries. XVIII, before the altars still exist, where stucco and fake marbles were also the subject of cleaning, consolidation and pictorial reorganization.

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