Max Mara – Lisbon

Lisbon enters into the heart. One of the most illustrious sons of the city, Fernando Pessoa, wrote: “There are no flowers that are equal to the chromaticism of Lisbon under the sun.” Why is the historic capital of Portugal has always been regarded by its citizens, visitors and artists the City of Light. A succession of colors, from the sea to the houses, the people, a succession of emotions, from joy to sadness, which can only be explained by the variety of natural and human that here coexist.”

These elements are summarized in the restoration project of MAX MARA building located in Avenida da Liberdade.

TECTON Interiors Division, in collaboration with a prestigious company Portuguese Ramos Catarino, carried out the following works:

  • recovery of the historic stucco and wood paneling,
  • rebuilding respecting the original design of the floors

All while keeping unchanged the consolidated Max Mara and elegant image.

Another piece of the professionalism and dynamism of Tecton Interiors Division.

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