PINKO – Milan, Via Montenapoleone

Famous and refined Via Montenapoleone is the location for the new Pinko boutique in Milan. Situated in the heart of the fashion district, the boutique was inaugurated last 16 February and heralded a new concept that allows ample space for art. 
Inspired by a mixture of fashion, art and design, the brand store – designed by architect Massimiliano Locatelli (www.clsarchitetti.com) – features a number of rooms with luxurious upper-class decor reminiscent of 19th century palaces and the elegant interiors of Lombardy’s chief city. Steven Scott’s work is a box of light, a rectangle with a circle inside that forms coloured geometric shapes in ever changing nuances. He created a sun-like ceiling light that constantly changes colour in lots of different shades designed especially for Pinko and for the furnishing in the boutique, all focused on dried oak floors, rusted iron portals and photographed wallpaper with an enlarged pattern. And for special customers, there’s also a private room with walls covered in silk, an onyx table in the centre and a door leading into a small internal garden.

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