Artificial turf pitches City swimming pools, Correggio (RE)

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Construction of sports facilities – artificial turf pitch for 5/7-a-side football

TECTON has chosen the technological excellence and eco-friendliness of Mondo, a leading group for sports playing surfaces, when artificial turf installations are requested. This artificial turf reproduces the characteristics of natural turf in the best of conditions, guaranteeing the performance and safety of the athletes. Materials are eco-friendly and completely recyclable. These turfs are fast to install, easy and economical on upkeep, and can be used in any climatic or meteorological conditions. TECTON Atuttosport installed the five/seven-a-side football pitch in the area of the City swimming pools in Correggio. This installation followed conversion of an existing pitch and opened the aquatic sports facilities to other disciplines.

  • Location:Correggio (RE)
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    • Artificial Turf Pitches
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