House of Gasparo Scaruffi – Reggio Emilia

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Conservation-restoration of frescoes

Gasparo Scaruffi was one of the most brilliant minds and influential men in the territories of Emilia during the Sixteenth century and the conservation-restoration of his former residence has revived its ancient splendour. During these works in Palazzo Scaruffi, a previously unknown cycle of frescoes emerged presumably dating to the second half of the Sixteenth century. A merchant and a banker, Gasparo Scaruffi was above all the author of “L'Alitinonfo”, perhaps the first rational and universal treatise on use of the monetary system and the mint. His love for the arts and culture inspired him to bring the best sculptors and painters in the area to his home. He commissioned statues from Prospero Clementi, the famous sculptor who would soon thereafter work for the duke of Ferrara, lord of Reggio at the time. The conservation-restoration works lasted for approx. one year and returned a piece of history to the city that time had concealed. The findings of the conservation-restoration works are discussed in “Palazzo Scaruffi – Storia, Arte e Restauri”, a volume published by the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia.

  • Location:Reggio Emilia
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