Casina Sport Village – Casina

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Construction of multi-purpose sports facilities

Sport, entertainment and well-being in natural surroundings: TECTON Atuttosport designed and built Casina Sport Village with the project financing formula and it is now an important multi-purpose sport centre in the Apennine mountains of Reggio. It’s also an attractive meeting point for the local population offering the swimming pool park with two open-air pools, tennis fields with artificial turf and natural red clay, an artificial turf 5/7-a-side football pitch, a multi-purpose court, a picnic area with a children's playground, locker rooms, a club house with bar, a restaurant and a meeting hall. Built by TECTON Atuttosport in the context of the Casina Sport Village, the multi-purpose court with basketball markings is used for recreation and basic exercise.

  • Location: Casina
  • Categories:
    • Construction
    • Polyvalent systems
    • Sport Building
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