Casinazzo Rocca Saporiti – Reggio Emilia

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Restoration of historic buildings

TECTON Restoration of historic buildings was commissioned to conduct the architectural restoration of the Renaissance complex known as Casinazzo Rocca Saporiti in Reggio Emilia. It was a very complex operation that lasted four years. It constitutes an example of restoration of historic buildings because it was recovered in accordance with the indications of the Authorities for cultural heritage and the functional requirements of the new class of use. Following architectural restoration, Casinazzo Rocca Saporiti hosts a scientific and historical library and prestigious spaces for congresses and seminars held by the Santa Maria Health Service Unit of Reggio Emilia, in harmony with its definition over the past 500 years as a “cultural delight”. The history of this Renaissance complex of the Ancini family, emissaries of the house of Este in the territory of Reggio, began in 1498. The property was modified by reclamation of an ancient medieval tower, transformed according to the fashion of the time into a “retreat of delights” and embellished with important cycles of frescoes of mythological tales attributed to the school of Oratio Perucci known as “Tintorino”, a student of Lelio Orsi and Bernardino Campi. Cardinal Rinaldo d’Este, accustomed to the pomp of Rome under the house of Barberini, chose it as his summer residence. The “retreat of delights” has recovered the splendour of its past thanks to the work of TECTON Restoration of historic buildings.

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