Castello di Sarzano – Casina

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Archaeology and restoration

While archaeological exploration and restoration of the fortified Sarzana castle complex in Casina (province of Reggio Emilia) were proceeding, some preliminary archaeological campaigns were conducted contemporaneously with execution of the architectural restoration works. The archaeological campaigns, conducted in two distinct phases, revealed the structure of a church inside the castle walls associated with a group of interment burials. Habitation at the site is documented from the Tenth century. All traces had been lost of the church. Excavations identified the apse as the oldest phase of building dating to the Roman era with at least two successive building phases until the church was deconsecrated in the mid-Nineteenth century. The archaeological and restoration works revealed the relation between the castle fortifications, the place of Christian cult and the burial ground. The historical research related to the archaeological investigation and restoration works is being conducted now. Results will be published in a book dedicated to this fascinating corner of the Apennine range that was so profoundly linked to the historical events and settlements of the Attonidi feudal lords.

  • Location:Casina (Reggio Emilia)
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    • Historic Buildings
    • Restoration
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