Centro commerciale Campus – Parma

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Industrial and commercial buildings

Some building projects emerge from the need to recover degraded or abandoned urban spaces, uniting the construction of industrial and commercial structures with the characteristics of the city and its architecture and creating spaces for meeting and living. This is the case of the shopping centre near the university campus in Parma. It was part of a well-structured building programme that also created over 180 lodgings for students and five apartment buildings for the academic staff. The purpose of the Campus shopping centre was to respond to the request for a better quality of life for all the participants of the whole project. The clarity and linearity of the architecture is immediately evident from the 132 brickwork columns. The centre hosts a Conad supermarket, eleven shops at ground level and a pub on the first storey that has become a meeting place for the whole student community.

  • Location:Parma
  • Categories:
    • Construction
    • Service and Production Industries
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