Concattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo – Guastalla

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Architectural restoration

The co-cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is undergoing architectural restoration to repair internal masonry facing and adjust service systems in association with structural consolidation as a consequence of the earthquake in May 2012. The external restoration is refreshing the definition of volumes in accordance with Renaissance models. Ferdinando Gonzaga, known by the Spanish variant of his name, Ferrante, who was the younger son of Francesco II of Mantua and captain to Carlo V, took power over Guastalla in 1539. As part of the renewal process inspired by Renaissance faith in reason, he immediately launched a project to improve the cityscape of the Po valley town. The cathedral was completed in 1575 and consecrated by San Carlo Borromeo who had come to Guastalla due to the death of Duke Cesare. The building today is slightly different from the original but is surprisingly similar to its contemporary, Trinità dei Monti in Rome. The chromatic and decorative characteristics will be conserved by the architectural restoration.

  • Location:Guastalla (Reggio Emilia)
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    • Religious buildings
    • Restoration
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