Coriandoline – Andria Correggio (RE)

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Residential construction

One of our best customers, the housing cooperative of Andria, invited us to become the prime contractor for Coriandoline, a unique housing project. Coriandoline (referring to the name "coriandoli" wich means confetti in Italian) was created by children for children. Through their drawings, their ideas and dreams became a special sort of housing project with “the dragon’s house, the transparent house, the house of jewels and the castle house”. The building design is courageous and poetic, conceived on a human scale – or rather a child’s dimension. Each building and each window is different from all the others, everything is unique. The Coriandoline housing project was born in a process where each participant brought his or her knowledge, curiosity and capacity for dialogue, commitment and interpretation. It was a labour of enthusiasm and emotion for all who contributed.

  • Location:Andria Correggio (RE)
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    • Construction
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