Corte Corsini – Spezzano

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Industrial, commercial and office buildings

In the Corte Corsini project a new commercial building was joined to the roots of the territory and its culture with a hint of Art Nouveau, in a landscape of former factories transformed into a shopping and office centre. With the windows set with finely finished hand-made moulding, the wrought iron canopy over the gallery walkway that recalls early Twentieth century railway stations and the clock tower as the focal point of the overall complex, an original and unusual shopping centre was created by uniting hints of styles from the past with avant-garde technology, fully satisfying the customer’s requests concerning the construction. The particular setting around a court with an ample plaza in front rightly makes this the new centre of town.

  • Location:Spezzano (Modena)
  • Client:Strutture industriali, commerciali, direzionali
  • Categories:
    • Construction
    • Service and Production Industries
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