Episcopal museum of sacred art Cardinale Rodolfo Pio di Savoia Chiesa di S. Ignazio – Carpi

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The episcopal museum of sacred art is a jewel in Carpi, a small but important city of art in Emilia, where TECTON Museums & Exhibitions designed the project for the church of St Ignatius of Loyola. The project consisted of creating an itinerary for the exposition in the spacious ecclesiastical room and the two rooms that previously formed the sacristy. The collection of paintings, etchings, sculptures, silverware, stuccoes, fabrics, sacred furnishings and liturgical objects from the episcopal district are set off by a poised and essential setting that preserves the monumental baroque architecture of the Jesuit temple. In addition to supplying acclimatised cases with mechanical locks, TECTON Museums & Exhibitions also built automated cases with internal LED illumination and all graphics installations.

  • Location:Carpi (Modena)
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