Former novices’ refectory Istituto delle Orsoline – Parma

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A conservation-restoration project for a work of art, a statue, a painting or, as in this case, for a cycle of wall decorations and part of an architectural complex such as the Ursuline institute, must be supported by two essential pillars: historical and documentary research and diagnostic analyses. The theoretical formulations of the two disciplines are quite distant, but they converge on a single purpose, knowledge of the work for the purposes of conservation-restoration, that is, the acquisition of notions that will enable restorers to understand the techniques and methods to use in order to achieve proper preservation of the work of art. Conservation-restoration work to reclaim a hall once used as the novices’ refectory was begun with this concept in mind. The room is completely decorated with a landscape cycle that was formerly unknown and now that it has been restored it hosts conferences, seminars and meetings inside the institute of the Ursuline Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Parma. The account of the conservation-restoration project is narrated in “Il Collegio di Sant’Orsola”, a volume complete with extensive documentation published in October 2012 by Grafiche Step of Parma.

  • Location:Parma
  • Client:Restauro conservativo dipinti
  • Categories:
    • Frescos and paintings
    • Restoration
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