Matilde e il Tesoro dei Canossa Palazzo Magnani, Civic Museums and the Episcopal Museum, Reggio Emilia

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TECTON Museums & Exhibitions fitted out “Matilde e il Tesoro dei Canossa” uniting 215 works from around the world for the first time. Following the guidelines drafted by an international scientific committee, TECTON realised the exhibition fittings for a show that occupied three sites: Palazzo Magnani, Civic Museums and the Episcopal Museum. This was homage by the city of Reggio Emilia to a woman and to one of the most influential families with a base of power in the territory during the middle ages, with an event of European standing. TECTON Museums & Exhibitions produced the panels that lined the itinerary and served for display, stands for individual objects, as well as illumination and internal and external graphics installations. The hi-tech conservation display cases incorporated optic fibre illumination with externally controlled dimmers and acclimatisation.

  • Location:Reggio Emilia
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