Museo della Storia di Bologna Palazzo Pepoli – Bologna

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Emotion, games and surprises: a museum that has become an interactive space set in a Fourteenth century building. TECTON participated in creating the exhibition for visitors to the historical museum of Bologna in Palazzo Pepoli where the transformations of the city are narrated in a new way, with reconstructions to set the scene and hi-tech solutions. The City of Water is an impressive multi-media interactive installation based on the advanced technology of a bespoke project created by TECTON Museums & Exhibitions. TECTON laid an original stretch of the Via Emilia from Roman times (an operation requiring specific preparation) and built the diorama of the Etruscan era, reproductions of the arcades and Torre degli Asinelli, the battle of Fossalta and a puppet theatre. TECTON Museums & Exhibitions also set up the bookshop and bar, integrated and special illumination, upholstery and graphics installations.

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