Men at Arms by Cesare Cesariano Palazzo Fossa, Reggio Emilia

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Conservation-restoration of paintings

In the historic centre of Reggio Emilia TECTON Conservation-restoration achieved full recovery of one of the very few remaining external painting cycles in Italy known as the Men at Arms by Cesare Cesariano. The project also refurbished the external prospects of the building. The conservation-restoration works were conducted under the supervision of the competent authorities for the sector and represent a point of reference for the methods employed and the programmed cycle of upkeep over time. Young Cesare Cesariano passed through Reggio Emilia at the end of the Fifteenth century after leaving the ducal court in Ferrara. He was a future translator, commentator and illustrator of Vitruvius’ “De Architectura”, but at the time he was a young painter who had grown up in Milan in the bottega of Bramante, the most famous author of Men at Arms. During his short stay in the city Cesariano was commissioned to fresco a cycle of decorations on the outside of Fossa palace, prestigious residence of a wool trading family, to glorify their power and fame. The findings of the conservation-restoration works are discussed in “Cesare Cesariano e il Rinascimento a Reggio Emilia”, a volume published by Silvana Editoriale.

Gli uomini d'arme di Cesare Cesariano

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