Rocchetta Mattei – Grizzana Morandi

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Restoration conservation

The project to reclaim this complex was based on conservation-restoration and the intent to give Rocchetta Mattei new life was realised by a long and expert works of restoration. This is cultural heritage that has reacquired full functionality through sensitive and careful work inspired by the wealth of emotions that each space stimulates in visitors. It was a difficult test for TECTON Conservation-restoration that has produced important results. Set on the natural pedestal of a rocky peak, its eclectic forms suggest Spanish and Moorish architecture mixed with Gothic, as was typical of late Nineteenth century taste. The main tower inspired by medieval examples stands out with its unusual and dynamic form that draws visitors into a fantasy world. Rocchetta Mattei dominates the whole Reno valley as in a fairy tale, all the more so after completion of conservation-restoration works by TECTON’s master artisans.

  • Location:Grizzana Morandi (Bologna)
  • Categories:
    • Historic Buildings
    • Restoration
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