Sciola di Capoponte – Tizzano Val Parma

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Archaeology and restoration – Architectural restoration

TECTON Archaeology and Restoration undertook architectural restoration of the mountain settlement, Sciola di Capoponte in Tizzano Val Parma, which was in very poor conditions of neglect after the population had abandoned it in the 1950s. The historical notions gathered by our operational unit dedicated to archaeology and restoration identified Sciola with the ancient name Ceula, a late medieval court under control of the monastery of St Thomas in Reggio Emilia in the year 835. The activity of archaeology and architectural restoration is intended to recover traces of the ancient settlement and to search for relations between the medieval buildings and the buildings that are still standing, dating to the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries for the most part. The campaign of archaeology and restoration, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Medieval Archaeology of Bologna and coordinated by the Archaeological Authority of Emilia Romagna, has uncovered remains of medieval stone houses characterised by architectural entrance portals of dressed stone, for the most part salvaged and reused in later building phases at the site. In particular, some monumental, monolithic pyramidal lintels with engraved crosses dating from the first years of the Eleventh century, were of great interest. Important scientific data obtained by TECTON Archaeology and Restoration made it possible to draft the site plan of the ancient settlement, providing strategic orientation for architectural restoration and urban recovery. After architectural restoration, today Sciola is the meeting place of a community that seeks to diffuse the values of life in common and recovery of personal psychological and physical well-being.

  • Location:Tizzano Val Parma (Parma)
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    • Archaeology
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