Teatro municipale R. Valli – Reggio Emilia

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Restoration of historic buildings

This restoration project of an historic building touches the roots of our cooperative. The Cittadella theatre was just over one hundred years old when it burned down the night of 21 April 1851. Reggio Emilia had lost its theatre, a place that inspired society of the time to meet and enjoy music and the dramatic arts. It was rebuilt immediately by summoning the excellent contemporary artists in the academies of fine arts in Emilia, including the generation in Reggio that would found the TECTON cooperative in 1890. After architectural restoration, the theatrical machine started off on a journey of continuous mutation so that today it is still familiarly known as the "worksite”. From the beginning TECTON has taken an active part in construction, maintenance and restoration of the architecture and technical mechanisms and apparatus. In fact, our cooperative has grown together with the city and its main stage.

  • Location:Reggio Emilia
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    • Historic Buildings
    • Restoration
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