The project has involved the seven floors of Palazzo Ricordi acquired in 1998 from the Estate Antonello Manuli Group Holdings The restoration of Palazzo Ricordi in Milan, designed the study Parisotto Formenton Architects + (P + F), is finally concluded, after three years of work and the recognition of the first LEED Gold certification “Core & Shell” in Italy on preexisting historical. The whole work has been produced by TECTON Construction Division, which followed every minimal detail of the work phases. The building of Palazzo Ricordi has been completely redeveloped for commercial / directional; the work has involved the seven floors with a new plant layout, while a major operation was carried out on doors and windows, all renovated. In particular they were released all the windows on the ground floor commercial occupied entirely by the new space, just opened, the Ferrari Store. The redevelopment of the inner courtyard, previously used only to location of the plants, has transformed an unused space in a lively and dynamic, ideal centerpiece of the building, with the creation of a central basin crossed by a horizontal veil of water flowing on the surface window and door light downstairs. Important design elements are the open space with windows that overlook the whole central courtyard, the true heart of the project. It was built from scratch a large meeting room cantilevered, fully glazed, gem that is detached from the main body and projecting toward the Duomo enjoyed a close-up view and privileged TECTON Construction Division thanks to their professionalism, thoroughness and competence has got a great result and the first LEED Gold certification “Core & Shell” in Italy on preexisting historical.

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